Whilst skill and technique play a significant role in golf, for some players their secret weapon often lies in their clubs - custom-fitted golf clubs. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of custom fitting, demystifying what it is, who can benefit from it, why you should consider it, and what to expect during a custom fitting appointment.

What is custom fitting?

Custom fitting golf clubs involves a trained fitter – typically a PGA Professional – working with the golfer to find the clubs that perfectly suit you and your game. The result is a set of clubs with the correct head options, club lofts, lie angles, shaft flexes, length and material and grip types, covering every club in the bag – from driver, woods and hybrids to irons, wedges and even putter. Golfers can even be fitted for the right ball, glove, or shoe!

Who can get custom fitted?

All adult golfers of any ability, from beginners to experienced players are suitable for custom fitting.

Why should I get custom fitted golf clubs?

The benefits to improving golfers can be enormous – playing a set of clubs that doesn’t suit your tendencies or physical attributes can have an incredibly detrimental impact on your golf. Custom fitting will give you more consistency, more accuracy, more distance and ultimately more confidence when you’re on the course.

How much does custom fitting cost?

The cost of custom fitting can vary so it’s always best to check this with the fitter before your appointment. It will also depend on if you would like a single club fitted or the whole bag. Many PGA Professionals and retailers will fit you for free if you purchase from them or take the cost of the fitting off the final amount. Otherwise, you can expect to pay anything from £30 to £100+ depending on your requirements.

Can any club be custom fitted?

Almost all major manufacturers offer custom fitting options for all new clubs. It is also possible to custom fit existing golf clubs, but this can be more complex and costly.

What happens at a custom fitting appointment?

Using their expertise and the data from a launch monitor, your PGA Professional will be able to measure and analyse all of the key data on your golf swing and the resulting shots, considering everything from swing speed and shot shape to launch angle and spin rate to help straighten up your shots and improve distance and accuracy.

How long does custom fitting take?

The amount of time needed to custom fit will depend on the number and range of clubs you are interested in. A single club appointment would usually take around half an hour, up to 90+ minutes for a full bag.

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