We've found 3 great videos for those of you who are just starting your golfing journey from PGA Professional Chris Ryan a Director of Golf at HIT Golf Academy, Forest of Arden.

Five Simple tips for new golfers 

In this video Chris covers:

  1. Grip Advice
  2. A Simple tip when setting up
  3. The importance of tempo and timing
  4. Finishing position
  5. Getting out to play


Three drills for beginner golfers

In this next video from Chris he covers 3 drills for new golfers. These drills will help you with:

  • Rotation and pivot of your body
  • How you need to make contact with the golf ball
  • How to control the club face through impact

The five pieces of advice you should ignore if you want to improve your golf

In the last of his series of 3 videos for new golfers Chris identifies the well intentioned but misleading advice you need to avoid.

  1. Keep your head still - someone at some point will say this to you but it will limit your golf swing
  2. Focus on keeping your lead arm straight - why a little bit of bend in your lead arm is actually ok
  3. You need to swing straight - Chris takes you through a simple drill to illustrate why this isn't the case
  4. Keep your legs still - what you need is the right movement in your legs
  5. Don't get custom fitted clubs when you're learning - if you're serious about golf, clubs that are fitted to you will really help your game

About Chris Ryan

Chris is Director of Coaching at HIT Golf Academy, Forest of Arden. He worked for 16 years at The Belfry and he has more recently made a name for himself as one of the best and highest regarded instructors on YouTube. With his channel ChrisRyanGolf fast approaching 400,000 subscribers, his easy-to-follow instructional videos have been seen by and helped more than 75 million golfers worldwide.

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