Every golfer wants to be able to control their ball flight better and hit more great shots – that’s why we all work on our game, grooving in our swing etc. But it’s amazing how little time we give to considering our grip, which is such an important component in allowing us to achieve our goals.

With the new season upon us, it’s as good a time as any to revisit this golf fundamental. And to help us, here’s PGA Professional, Chris Cutchie.


1: “I like to see a couple of knuckles on that left-hand grip. It strengthens the clubface a little bit – gives you a slightly lower, more penetrative flight. In terms of the strength and where it sits, you want to make sure you’re not too much in the palm – it’s going to be very weak. Too much in the fingers, it’s not going to work very well either…too strong. So in the fingers and the palm and that way we can get a nice firm grip.”

2: “Right hand, I like to see it nicely in the fingers, but just at the top of the palm…which gives you a nice V-shape that points through to the right shoulder. That’s going to get the clubface in the right place. Being too weak with that right-hand grip is going to mean we hit lots of slices and pushes; being too strong…lots of club rotation and lots of hook.”

* Chris’s comments relate to a right-handed golfer

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About Christopher Cutchie

Chris Cutchie is one of two PGA Head Professionals at Colchester Golf Club – and has long been one of the best players on The PGA in England (East) circuit. Chris has built up a reputation as a fine coach with a large book of clients, including Essex county golfers. He is also an expert fitter with accompanying endorsement from many of the major manufacturers.